We are pleased to inform you that our hotels are reopened for you!

Change your reservation free of charge

Can't your reservation go through because of the coronavirus? No problem, we move your reservation free of charge to another time based on availability.

One and a half meters distance

The health of our guests and staff is our number one priority. That's why we do social distancing. So we maintain at least a distance of 1.5 meters between each person to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. All hotels are fully adapted to this situation.


In the morning we provide breakfast boxes in the room, including sparkling wine and fruit juice. These are delivered between 8h30 and 9h30. These are all prepared with the necessary care. Our restaurants are unfortunately closed, we provide a list of all take-away restaurants at the reception.


With the new measures our bar may no longer be open, but it is always possible to ask for drinks at the reception to take to your room. Every room has a minibar where you can keep drinks cool.

We are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages after 20h, non-alcoholic beverages will remain available until 22h.

Transfer hotel?

In case of low occupancy of the hotel, your overnight stay may be transferred to one of our partner hotels. This will always be an upgrade. If this is the case with you, reception will contact you by telephone in advance.


The swimming pool in Hotel Aazaert will remain open, the wellness and fitness will be closed for a while due to the new measures.

We take the following measures for a safe stay.

COVID-19 measures

  • We strictly follow government guidelines and recommendations. All hotels are provided with information about COVID-19 and the corresponding instructions.
  • A mouth mask is required.
  • We provide disinfectant hand gels in public areas.
  • We ask you to pay preferably with your card.
  • We vragen je om zo weinig mogelijk de lift te gebruiken. Doe je dat toch, gebruik deze dan alleen.
  • We ask you to use the elevator as little as possible. If you do, please use it alone.
  • All exposed surfaces such as door knobs, lift buttons, tables, etc. are disinfected using antibacterial solutions very regularly.
  • We will provide the necessary protective equipment for our staff.
  • We work with adapted procedures for cleaning and hygiene.

We find it important that you can spend the night with us with pleasure. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us via or contact the hotel where you will be staying. We will be happy to help you.